Fan Yu moved into Shanghai has reached 10 years, mainly engaged in international furniture, domestic transportation enterprises,

Trackbacks, factory relocation, moving people, after years of summing up, to become the leading enterprise recognized industry,

we matched professional transport vehicles more than 200 vehicles, high-quality Porter more than 300, more than 50 professional

engineers, specialized to solve the problem of high risk, high difficulty, high value handling, we are several hundred enterprises and

service providers, we service our strategy is consistent from beginning to end, and service quality, to win the market. You call our

customer service 24 hours to answer, you can make an appointment registration, counseling programs, we will arrange the specialist

to site investigation, site customization scheme, our every service operation, in accordance with the highest standards to electronic

products, high-end equipment, office equipment installation products factory standard packaging, to ensure the quality of your relocation.

The factory equipment handling all our heavy use of the new handling equipment, special vehicles and special tools. Our skilled operation

technology and mature management system have won the full praise of customers all the time. I believe you are the next point to praise!